About Us

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What’s in a name?  Delittery is the cute combination of delivery and litter.  In 2013 the idea that became Delittery was born.  My wife and I had been bouncing around from one small apartment to the next in Huntington Beach, CA and because we didn’t have any kids at the time it was quite easy to stay on top of litter box duties (the most unpleasant aspect of being a cat owner in my opinion!).  That all changed when our first child came along.  During the pregnancy the litter box duties were all mine and let’s just say I wasn’t great at keeping things in orderly fashion (sorry Fez and Kaya!).  I thought there HAD to be a better way to manage a litter box and Delittery is the solution I came up with.  And because there is a lot more to being a cat parent than just making sure the litter box is clean, make your Delittery box fun by adding a treat and/or toy.  Thanks for visiting and I hope we can help make managing your cat’s litter box a little bit more pleasant!