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These days you can get anything delivered to your home. Why not your cat’s litter?  And not just her litter, but her litter box, replaceable trays, treats, toys and more! That’s what Delittery does – give you everything you need to manage your cat’s litter box, dropped off at your doorstep  every month.

Getting started is as easy as signing up online.  In fewer clicks than it takes to read your emails, you’ll be on your  way to a 21st-century hassle-free solution to your litter box maintenance. 

Delittery empowers you to manage your litter box like never before:   

  •  Simply toss and replace your old, stinky trays. 
  •  Stop wasting time cleaning out that box. Just replace it with the new one that arrives every 4 weeks! 
  •  Never again worry about over-sized, heavy litter boxes that always seem to spring a leak.                                                              
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You know that a clean litter box makes a happy home, but that doesn’t make cleaning it any easier. First you have to take that trip to the pet store. Then you’re expected to lug that heavy box back all the way home. Last but not least, there’s the constant cleaning, which is as messy as it is smelly.

Lucky for you, Delittery is here to save the  day. Delittery is a hassle-free litter box delivery system shipped to your house every 4 weeks. Each delivery includes a litter box, litter and everything else you need to manage your cat’s litter box easily and  stress-free.  Delittery may not make you fall in love with your litter box, but it will make the job easier.                                       

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You may not want to clean your litter box, but the job still has to get done. Delittery makes it easy for you. Here’s how:

  •  You never have to worry about forgetting litter again.  
  •  No need to run to the store to pick up a box of litter that weighs more than a baby. 
  •  No more having to clean out your litter box and replacing the old litter  with new litter. Just switch out your trays and toss the old one away. 
  •  With Delittery, you no longer have to endure those awful smells. 
  •  Cleaning your litter box will no longer be a chore. It’ll actually be fun!* 

 *Fun? How can litter box management be fun? Glad you asked. Choosing  your subscription from our user-friendly website is far more convenient  and entertaining than trekking to the pet store. But Delittery isn’t  just about litter. With each monthly delivery you can also give your kitty something fun, like a toy, treats, or even litter box  decorations to help get your kids involved in caring for the family cat.  Think of Delittery as an all-in-one-box for your cat. How fun can it  be? Well, the sky’s the limit.                                                        

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